When I have a newborn photoshoot I get exited to plan for every detail about the session. In newborn photography I get to use a lot of beautiful props for the baby and the setup. For this photoshoot with baby girl Rory, and after the discussion with the Mommy, we planned  to use the colors: white, and pink with plum. The white color is the angelic color for babies, and the plum with pink is so girly and I can make a little bit of contrast between the two colors.

Baby Rory is wearing a white romper I crochet myself :). All the crochet in this session are DIY, the hats, the rompers. and the headbands. I feel that these kind of projects give me time to relax and not think about anything other than the project and how it will be when it is finished.

Baby girl Rory, is so angelic, she is three weeks old. She got into deep sleep so easily after feeding her. And I was able to change her position many times while she is asleep.

The final photos are with Mommy, and older brother. I like to keep this kind of photos simple with the golden color. And keep the other colors for the setup and props of the baby.

This session was held at the parents home.
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