Photographing weddings means a lot to me, it is a always the beginning to build this relationship with the bride and the groom and their close ones. And I feel like I am the bridesmaid in a special way, because I stay so close to the bride. When I look back into one year from now, I remember the anxiety I had when someone asks me if I do weddings. Who believed in me and my work!

Now enough talking about the photographer!

I knew Alejandra through her best friend which is also one of my brides. Alejandra and Alvin decided to have a small wedding and invited their closest family and friends. We went first to the court in San Diego to do the ceremony, and we were lucky with the weather which was perfect for an outdoor ceremony. It was a warm and a cloudy weather. And there we had a combination of agricultural buildings and the nature.

I loved the dress of Alejandra which was so classic and elegant. And everything in this wedding was simple in an elegant way. Now I will leave you with the photos and I hope you keep some comments for the bride and the groom.

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