As a photographer I feel honored every time a family contact me to do a photoshoot with them. For me it is not only a photoshoot where I just do my job. It is meeting a new family, spending short but very valuable time with them. Where they gather to have fun and I have the opportunity to save their memories.

Do most people enjoy their job? not sure about that but for me, SURE I do :). Starting from the time they contact me to talk about the details, including the location, the time, and the theme of the session. Ending with the comments they send me when they see the results of the photoshoot after I edit them.  Every photoshoot for me is as a different piece of chocolate I enjoy every bite of it.

Sandra got the photoshoot as a gift on her very first Mother’s day. She, her husband Clyde and their 9 months son Quest, were so wonderful. I met with them at the park, an hour before the sunset. and there, they were just having a good time while I was saving the moments.

The weather and the timing were perfect, but the happy family and their little cute one were the most amazing part that made this experience great. And of course, big thanks to my husband who helped us get the attention of Quest and make him laugh 🙂

When I discuss the location with my clients, I try to choose a location that has a more natural type. And this park was a great place.

I can say that I make new friends with every photoshoot. Thank you Sandra, Clyde and Quest for the opportunity of saving your happiness ♥

Dina Productions offers photography services to Southern California, including family photoshoots at your home.

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